Michael J. Fox and Clyde Campbell on their shared vision to cure Parkinson’s
Saturday, 5th May 2012

It’s just over 20 years since Michael J. Fox was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease (PD) and in this Sunday Night exclusive, he’s still the incurable optimist. Now he’s joined forces with Aussie businessman Clyde Campbell, also diagnosed with PD, to help raise awareness and funds for much needed research in Australia, leading to better treatments and eventually, a cure.

The Foundations’ collaboration will build upon a strong base of promising Parkinson’s research in Australia, and will allow both organisations to maximise the impact of funds raised to accelerate better treatments and ultimately a cure. Both MJFF and Shake It Up Australia Foundation share a commitment to leverage donor-raised resources for potentially transformative research — sooner rather than later.

Find out more about Shake It Up Australia and our commitment to ensure 100% of all funds will be directed toward research efforts in Australia.