Tax Institute Partners with Shake It Up to Support Parkinson’s Research
Wednesday, 21st January 2015

Shake It Up has been named as a charity partner for The Tax Institute. The Tax Institute was born in 1943 when inspiration struck a Sydney accountant named Harold Irving. He decided to try and improve the position of tax agents, tax law and its administration.

Since then, Australia’s tax system has changed greatly. Likewise, The Tax Institute has evolved, grown and become increasingly respected. Dynamic and responsive, the Institute has helped shape changes that benefit its members and the taxpaying community.

As a charity partner Shake It Up looks forward to sharing our message of hope with members of The Tax Institute and using this opportunity to connect with more Australians that are passionate about a world without Parkinson’s.

Whilst the financial contributions received through this partnership will be greatly appreciated and directed to much needed Parkinson’s research the exposure that the Foundation will receive is equally valuable. In order to keep our costs at a minimum, we rely on others to share our message and to help us connect with members of the community. Shake It Up Australia Foundation thanks The Tax Institute for this opportunity and we look forward to a productive partnership.

If you are involved with an organisation or business that selects charity partners we would love the opportunity to apply. Please contact us with details.

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