7 Ways you can use your Community when Fundraising
Thursday, 16th January 2014

At Shake It Up we are thankful that the Parkinson’s community is so passionate about change. However, we also appreciate that if you have never fundraised before it can seem like a very daunting task.

Together with some of our key supporters, we have put together 7 tips and tricks when using your community to fundraise:

  1. Chose a project you enjoy: Whether you are fundraising for Shake It Up via an athletic event or hosting your own fundraiser, it is important for the event to be something you love to do.

    Host an Event for Parkinson's

  2. Don’t be an island: Try and get together a group of people or form a ‘Fundraising Committee’. Working in a group is a great way to share ideas and increase the amount of people you talk to!

  3. Look at what you need: Whether you have set a fundraising target or trying to get supplies donated for an event, take time to look at your goals and brainstorm about who might be able to help you get there

  4. Keep it local: Even if your network is as tight as your immediate family or the local shops which you frequent around your suburb; the people who support you will be the ones you support. Start small and approach the people you know; you will be surprised with how many of you friends and family will want to get behind you!

    morning tea

  5. Make a personal connection: The more effort you make to connect directly with people the better result. If you are keen to have people become involved make them feel special by contacting them personally.

  6. Tell your story: People love to hear about the motivations behind why you are making a difference. Share your passion with your community by telling them a little bit about why you are fundraising!

  7. Have fun!! Never forget to have fun and smile! Enjoy making a difference and if you ever find yourself overwhelmed reach out for support!

We hope this will assist you in raising awareness of Parkinson’s disease in your community as well as give you some ideas on how you can become involved!

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Still have some more questions? Contact us to find out more and brainstorm some of your fundraising ideas.