Alex fights for a cure to Parkinson’s
Friday, 6th December 2019

Our hero this week is Alex who got in the boxing ring this week with Tribute Boxing to fundraise for Shake It Up and raised over $1,000! We spoke to Alex about her motivations and the fight.

What drives your commitment to a cure for Parkinson’s?

My Dad, Andrew, was diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease five years ago at the age of 45. his continued motivation to keep healthy has meant since being diagnosed he has run a marathon and completed the Camino de Santiago! His motivation and commitment is inspirational and a key driver to make me also want to do what I can.

What did you do to ‘shake things up’?

My interest in boxing and an opportunity by Tribute Boxing to fight for a second time meant through selling a number of tickets to my fight  I received money which I decided to donate 100% to Shake It Up. I was very fortunate to have family and friends who also donated and spread the world. along with Tribute and their coaches who promoted through social media.

What advice do you have for others looking to fundraise?

Make it fun! There are so many opportunities where people who donate can be part of the experience, like for this fight where people who bought a ticket were able to join in the fun of the event. Many hadn’t experienced boxing before. Using social media to share the message was also a very powerful tool and helped spread the word.