A Bunnings BBQ, drink and a donation
Wednesday, 13th May 2015

Last Saturday Shake It Up had the opportunity to run what is truly an Aussie institution – the Saturday morning BBQ at Bunnings in Lismore.

Our CEO Ben Young joined some committed Shake It Up supporters on a beautiful day in the Northern Rivers as shoppers picked up some last minute Mothers’ Day gifts whilst munching on a traditional sausage sandwich.

Almost $1200 was raised with many interested shoppers also learning more about Parkinson’s and the work of the Foundation.

Shake It Up would like to thank Bunnings for this fantastic opportunity and supporter Matt Cannon who coordinated the day. Matt was supported by a wonderful team which included Paul Albertini Leanne Clark and Darren and Jas Singh. Thank you to all for your commitment to Shake It Up.

Do you have a local store, club or school that runs BBQs for charity? If so, why not consider asking them if you could run one for Shake It Up to build awareness and raise funds for Parkinson’s research.