Another Mother-Daughter team join Camino for a Cure Parkinson’s Trek

Shake It Up are thrilled to welcome another mother-daughter powerhouse to the Camino for a Cure September trek! Marie and Emma are excited about the fast-approaching trek through Spain and making a difference for Parkinson’s research. Marie was diagnosed with Parkinson’s 5 years ago but hasn’t let that stop her from her very successful millinery business, making race wear fascinators.

They will join 10 other trekkers, making their way through Spain on the Camino of a lifetime. But there is still space if you’re interested in joining the Camino crew and raising vital funds for Parkinson’s research.

What inspired you to join Camino for a Cure?

Maire: I was 50 when I noticed a tiny unusual twitch in one of my fingers and it was one year later, at 51 that I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease.  That was nearly 5 years ago.  Walking the Camino has been on my bucket list, so combining this with the ability to raise funds for Parkinson’s research in Australia seemed like a great way for me to make a contribution towards finding a cure for Parkinson’s. 

Emma: I knew how much this trek would mean to Mum as the Camino has been a dream of hers or a while. It seems like a great opportunity where Mum’s dream and a cause close to both our hearts has coincided. The timing has been perfect with uni break too so it really seems like the stars have aligned for this trip to happen!