Congratulations Clyde on being nominated for a Pride of Australia Award
Thursday, 28th June 2012

CLYDE Campbell was dealt two life-changing shocks when he visited a doctor 2 1/2 years ago.

The first was that he had Parkinson’s disease at 44 years of age. The second was there is no cure.

“The good thing about having Parkinson’s is that the effects aren’t immediate,” he said.

“If you think about that positively, it gives you an opportunity over the years to be able to find something that can make a difference to modify, change, stop and cure the disease. ”

This drive has seen Mr Campbell nominated for a Pride of Australia Award.

After diagnosis he established Shake It Up, a not-for-profit organisation promoting Parkinson’s research.

The father of three has raised $3.2 million to date and recently partnered with Hollywood star and fellow sufferer Michael J Fox.

“One of the big things that separates Shake It Up from other foundations is that 100 percent of every dollar raised goes to research,” Mr Campbell said. “We’re trying to slow the disease and to better fight the disease on our way to finding a cure.”

Source:  Mosman Daily