Elli’s 100km Run for Research
Monday, 24th June 2024

Elli's 100km run for research

Hi Elli! Tell us all about your 100km challenge!

On Sunday August 4th 2024, I’ll be running the Sri Chinmoy 100km Ultra Marathon in Canberra. It’s my first time running any distance like this along with the level of elevation, which is around 2350m. I have always loved running as a kid, particularly cross country throughout my schooling, and only just over the past couple years have focused more so on getting fitter and competing in half marathon events. The reason behind choosing to complete 100km is because originally, I was contemplating 50km but since running is trending at the moment, 50km is only 8km more than a marathon, so if I was going to draw attention to this cause I needed to do something bigger!

What is your training like for this 100km run?

I love training for it (minus the hill sprint sessions!). Since I’m at university (2.5 years into my Physiotherapy degree), I often find myself sitting down studying inside a lot so I’m really enjoying getting outside nice and early each morning (around 5:30-6am) and training. I love that it gets me out on the trails exploring around the area and giggling when I miss a turn or hit a steep hill. Sometimes my friends will join along on my runs too, either on foot or on the bike, which is great fun!

I’m doing my training through Vert.run with the help of Adam Brown, who’s given me a program to go off each week as well as providing me with tips and adjusting the program if needed. It’s comprised of around 4-5 runs per week with the occasional cross-training day here and there. I do 3-week training blocks with 1 week taper in between which allows my body to absorb and strengthen the training so I can handle longer km’s with elevation. As I have never done any sort of distance like this, I decided to go through this program so I could safely develop a base and reduce the likelihood of injuring myself. I have been training for this since around Feb-March, but I only just announced that I’m running the 100km because I wanted to be certain my body was going to respond well to the training.

What drives your commitment to fundraise for Parkinson’s?

I’ve always perceived myself as someone who’s willing to help wherever I can to make life easier if someone is needing a hand. Since the diagnosis of a close family member with Parkinson’s just over 4 years ago, when I was finishing year 11, I found that it’s sometimes hard to help out. There are good days and not-so-good days in terms of symptoms, and the implications of this disease can’t be helped on the not-so-good kind of days. During the days like that, I tend to try find humour in the situation by joking around about the “Perks of Parkinson’s”, such as: being able to whisk up eggs mega fast, shake spray paint cans or pat the dog in a manner that the dog loves it.

Since I live an entire state away for university I find it difficult at times as I can’t be there as much as I’d like. So this is why I chose to fundraise, because at least I feel like I’m helping out when I can’t be around much, as well as making an impact to others around the world who endure the implications of Parkinson’s disease.

Why did you choose to raise funds for Shake It Up Australia?

I had looked around online for Foundations and saw the Shake It Up Australia Foundation pop up. I had a look at the perks which include 100% of all administration costs being covered, which means 100% of all donations go directly to research. I also love that it goes straight to Australian Parkinson’s research which means more breakthroughs can be discovered.

What is your advice for others hoping to make a difference for Parkinson’s?

One small change today will lead to bigger changes down the track. So, for those who want to make a difference for Parkinson’s, just go for it and do what you think will create that bigger change. Initially, I was nervous about pursuing this fundraising event, however after posting about it I was so overwhelmed with the amount of support I have received from friends, family and even strangers. So, by choosing to make a difference, you never know, it may be THAT difference that makes THAT change and restores the quality of life for all those impacted.

You can follow Elli’s journey on Instagram, where she posts weekly recaps of her training, fundraising and preparation for the 100km, or support her fundraising efforts here.