Galetto Real Estate Support Parkinson’s Research
Monday, 13th October 2014

This weeks’ Shake It Up hero Post is Kate Galetto of Galetto Real Estate. Long-time supporter of the foundation Kate tells us where she draws her inspiration from and how rewarding it is to be a part of something so positive!

Having the support of Kate and the team at Galetto Real Estate is a real privilege for Shake It Up and we are humbled by Kate’s ongoing support of Australian Research and helping us to make Parkinson’s Disease a thing of the past.

What Drives Your Commitment to find a cure for Parkinson’s?

I am driven to help because of my friendship with [Shake It Up Co-Founder] Clyde and Carolyn and watching them deal with this unexpected path they have been taken down, and turning this from a negative into a positive.

As I learn more about the disease and how debilitating it can become and how it can affect anyone of any age, there is an urgent need to not only find a cure but a way to prevent the onset of the disease. It is amazing how many of my clients are also suffering from Parkinson’s.

Why Shake It Up Australia?

When Clyde and Carolyn told us their news about Clyde’s diagnosis, it came as a huge shock. What did not come as a shock was Clyde’s approach to making a difference. He is an incredible individual and behind every successful strong man is an equally strong and focused woman. The two of them have achieved in the last couple of years such strong advancements in the field of research and I have an amazing respect for them both.

Tell us what you did to Shake Things Up?

I donate a percentage of my commission from every house sale that I make with Galetto Real Estate, and happy to support the Foundation in any way possible

Greatest Challenge?

Securing more listings so that I can make more sales so that I can donate more money! As a boutique company Galetto Real Estate is competing with the large Franchised groups which tend to have a conveyor-belt mentality. My challenge is to convince prospective sellers that our personalised service not only makes the whole selling experience a painless and enjoyable one for them but working intently with prospective buyers generally enables us to achieve a higher selling price. Knowing that every listing/sale that I achieve will generate more money for the Foundation is a huge driver for me.

Greatest Reward?

Setting an example for my children, to show them that success can only come about through perseverance and hard work. When my children give me a cuddle and tell me that they are proud of me – that is my greatest reward. Selling real estate is a tough industry to be in and owning a real estate business whilst raising a family, even harder

Best advice?

What goes around comes around. Treat others with respect and go the extra mile – it’s amazing where that extra step can take you!

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