Greig-Asbury Foundation Supports Shake It Up
Tuesday, 8th September 2015

Shake It Up is honoured to have been chosen as an anchor charity for the Greig-Asbury Foundation. The foundation, established by Andy Greig (pictured) and Ingrid Asbury has made a commitment to distribute funds to Shake It Up as part of a long term, ongoing commitment to fund Parkinson’s research.

For Andy Greig, Parkinson’s research is a cause close to his heart, and he wanted to make a contribution after a close friend was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Shake It Up provides this opportunity with 100% of all funds received being directed to world leading Australian Parkinson’s research.

The Greig-Asbury foundation was particularly impressed with the efficient operating model of Shake It Up and the approach taken by The Michael J. Fox Foundation to managing our research projects. Greig-Asbury Foundation founding director Andy Greig said: “we are delighted to support Shake It Up; we were impressed that 100% of Funds raised go directly to research and are effectively doubled because of the relationship with the Michael J Fox Foundation. Instead of 70c in the dollar contributed going to research after allowing for overheads, Shake It Up and The Michael J. Fox Foundation in effect spend $2 on research for every dollar we donate which is fantastic”

Andy’s son, Bryce, is the Chairman of the Greig-Asbury Foundation and the person who first contacted Shake It Up about the opportunity. He said that when looking for a Parkinson’s research charity in Australia Shake It Up stood out due to its very clear focus on research and the commitment shown by founding director, Clyde Campbell. After hearing Clyde share his story at their recent board meeting Bryce said, “I was impressed with not only the commitment Clyde and the founding directors made to ensure that 100% of funds raised by Shake It Up went directly to research, but the obvious passion, commitment and full devotion of both Clyde and Ben to Shake It Up and their long term goal of finding a cure for Parkinson’s disease.”

The Greig-Asbury Foundation is one of many private ancillary funds around Australia making significant contributions to the not-for-profit sector. Shake It Up hopes that the commitment shown by the Greig-Asbury Foundation inspires others to join us in our quest for a cure.

Shake It Up are grateful to have had their support over the years.

If you are associated with a private ancillary fund that would consider nominating Shake It Up as a beneficiary, we would love to hear from you. Please contact Vicki Miller to discuss further.