Impel NeuroPharma Support Pause 4 Parkinson’s
Tuesday, 23rd April 2019

Shake It Up welcomed Impel NeuroPharma as a Silver Sponsor of this year’s Pause 4 Parkinson’s campaign.  Impel has active development programs dedicated to creating life changing, innovative therapies for Parkinson’s disease and is proud to partner with Shake It Up Australia Foundation to advance research activities in Australia.

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive disease that results from the loss of dopamine producing neurons and leads to tremor, rigidity and uncontrollable movements. Although intervention with levodopa is still the best way to replace missing dopamine in the brain, progression of the disease can lead to fluctuations in levodopa resulting in irregular movements, dyskinesia, as well as a frozen state or “OFF” episodes.

Impel’s INP103 current clinical development program is designed to potentially address these “OFF” episodes by delivering an accurate & predictable dose of levodopa to the upper nasal space using the Precision Olfactory Delivery or POD® device. This may allow for faster absorption compared to pills, enabling patients to treat their symptoms on a reliable, self-controlled basis.

Do you have Parkinson’s Disease?

Are you between 40-80 years old? Are you currently taking medication containing L-Dopa ?

Q-Pharm, a clinical trial unit in Brisbane, is conducting a study on patients with Parkinson’s Disease. For more information about this study please contact the research team


Call: 1300 774 276