Jeff Walks the Camino for Parkinson’s

Welcome to Jeff who is joining us on the Camino Trek for Parkinson’s.  This is Jeff’s second fundraising adventure supporting Shake It Up.  In 2017 he travelled to China with his daughter Claire and her best friend Liz and walked several unrestored sections of the Great Wall.   

What Drives Your Commitment to find a cure for Parkinson’s?

Australia has some world leading researchers but they need our support to continue discovering what causes PD.  Who knows, it may be the next small fundraising event that provides the tipping point for one of the current research projects. 

I, like 80,000 other Australians, also have self interest in improving treatments to delay, stop and possibly cure PD.  I am keen to share what works and does not work to increase the PD body of knowledge. 

Why Camino for a Cure and Shake It Up Australia?

I have heard and read so much about the Camino to Santiago de Compostela.  I would one day like to walk the full Camino (800km).  

With every dollar raised used to fund quality PD research, it is a no brainer to support Shake It Up Australia.

Tell us what you are doing/did to Shake Things Up?

As well as inviting everyone I know from my family and Facebook friends through to my children’s teachers to donate, I am also offering to carry with me on the Camino a photo or sealed intention.  I’ve created a photo / intention template with instructions that can be accessed at 


I hope to post daily photos to show the locations on the journey where I have “remembered” the intentions that I will be carrying – whether I know or have never met the people who have asked me to carry their photo / intention.

Greatest Reward

I may have PD but since I’ve been diagnosed I have met some inspiring people.  And now I am off on another great adventure.

Best advice for people looking to Shake It Up?

The worst advice I received when I was diagnosed with PD was to just take the medication.  The best advice was to build a support team and in particular start a PD specific exercise program.

If you’d like to help Jeff raise $6,000 for Parkinson’s research you can donate to his fundraising page.  As mentioned above, if you would like Jeff to a carry a photo or intention for you please download and print the template from 


If you would like to get involved and fundraise for Parkinson’s visit our Getting Involved page.