Michael J. Fox: Working Towards a Cure for Parkinson’s
Monday, 9th July 2018

Jane Pauley talks with actor Michael J. Fox about how he used his celebrity and his public stance about his diagnosis of Parkinson’s to help others with the condition. Looking back, he tells anchor Jane Pauley that sharing his battle publicly and joining with others to raise money has been “one of the great gifts of my life.”

Pauley asked, “Do you presume there’s still special things ahead of you?”

“Oh yeah. Why sure, watch. Not the least of which, I think, is a breakthrough for Parkinson’s. And I look forward to grandkids, and I look forward to weddings and I look forward to books.”

“So, 50 years from now, do you think you’ll be remembered for the ‘Back to the Future’ movies, or for a cure for Parkinson’s?”

“I had a moment with somebody and they said, ‘Someday there’s gonna be a cure for Parkinson’s and it’s gonna be because of you.’ And to me this was the first time that it really struck me. And I didn’t — and not that I took it seriously, but I feel part of something that is much more special — if it happens it’s much more special than any movie or any TV show.”