Mother, Monica Hall Shares a Personal Message for Mother’s Day
Friday, 9th May 2014

“As Mums, we want so much for our children, we want them to have strength and courage, to always believe in the power of love, and to have hope.  Hope that wipes out fear.

As a mum with Early Onset Parkinson’s, my children have known more tough times than I would have wished them to but they have also seen a goodness and generosity in others, they have felt the enormity of support and love that is there for them and they know only too well what comes from people working together, the way it transforms the impossible to possible, the way in which it dissolves fear. 

The work of the Shake It Up Foundation, with your generous support, does make dreams come true, gives hope, and brings us that next step closer to cure”.

Monica Hall


Today on Mother’s Day Shake It Up would like you to take a few minutes to watch the inspirational story of a very special mother, Monica Hall. Monica has two beautiful daughters and also has Parkinson’s. In this Behind the Shakes video Monica and her sister Ally (also a Mum) share what they and their families are doing to advance the fight for a cure.

Read Monica’s Story here