New Study Shows Improved Symptoms in Patients with Parkinson’s Disease Dementia
Monday, 3rd April 2023

scientist studying parkinson's disease dementia Anavex Life Sciences Corp is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing differentiated therapeutics for the treatment of neurodegenerative and neurodevelopmental disorders including Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. Last month Anavex reported preliminary data from a 48-week Phase 2 study into the use of ANAVEX®2-73, a new drug treatment.

ANAVEX®2-73 is an oral small-molecule activator of the sigma-1 receptor (SIGMAR1), which data suggests is pivotal to restoring neural cell homeostasis and promoting neuroplasticity. It works by activating SIGMAR1, a receptor protein that regulates several aspects of cell biology relevant to neurodegeneration, thereby helping to maintain healthy brain cells.

The  Phase 2 ANAVEX 2-73-PDD-001 trial tested ANAVEX®2-73 against a placebo in 132 adults with Parkinson’s disease dementia. The study assessed safety, tolerability and efficacy, and found that ANAVEX®2-73 was generally safe and well tolerated, and that patients performed better across all efficacy endpoints while taking the treatment.

Parkinson’s News Today reports that treatment with ANAVEX®2-73 safely led to a reduction in symptom severity for 20 people with Parkinson’s disease dementia. This finding was in sharp contrast with the worsening of symptoms observed in the months that separated the end of the Phase 2 trial and the start of the extension study, during which participants were not taking ANAVEX®2-73.

“It is encouraging that the patients’ clinical symptoms consistently improved longitudinally over time during the extension phase under active ANAVEX®2-73 treatment,” said Christopher Missling, PhD, President & CEO of Anavex. “This data suggests ANAVEX®2-73’s potential capability to slow and potentially reverse the life altering symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, an urgent unmet global need.”

Data suggests ANAVEX®2-73 has the capability to slow and potentially reverse the life altering symptoms of Parkinson’s disease- an urgent unmet global need, says Christopher Missling, President and CEO of @AnavexLifeSci Click To Tweet

Read more from Anavex here.

ANAVEX®2-73 is expected to launch a trial for Parkinson’s patients in Australia later in 2023. You can register here to be notified about clinical trial updates.

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