Noel shares his Parkinson’s story
Friday, 9th April 2021

Thanks to the support of Veritas Events, we are so pleased to present to you a new series of videos about Parkinson’s stories. The first two in this series were from our incredible ambassador, Phoebes Garland and Robert Garland. Then we heard from Jim Josephsen and his daughter, Sarah. Last week was Dave Cox who has joined our Bay of Fires Trek.

This time, we are hearing from Noel who is part of long time Shake It Up supporters the Monkey Mia boys. Together with his friends, Noel has traversed the country, raising funds for Shake It Up along the way.

After two years of incredibly successful fundraisers totalling nearly $90,000 raised for Shake It Up (Monkey Mia to Byron Bay and Monkey Mia boys go bush again), the boys head off last year for a new outback adventure: Monkey Mia boys do Covid 19 desert trip.

Collectively, they’ve now raised over $125k for Shake It Up – an outstanding achievement for which we are all so grateful. Hear more about Noel’s story below.