Our heroes sell relish for Christmas
Thursday, 17th December 2020

It’s the week before Christmas and our heroes, the Young and Early Onset Parkinson’s Alliance, are selling relish to make a difference. The locally famous Nana Lindsay relish has been in the Lindsay family for many years! Nana Lindsay is the grandma of Andrew Lindsay who developed Early Onset Parkinson’s Disease six years ago. Since developing the disease the Lindsay family has rallied together to raise money often participating in the Melbourne Marathon. This year the Lindsay’s got together to sell the much loved secret family recipe to raise funds for Parkinson’s, through Shake it Up.


What drives your commitment to a cure for Parkinson’s?

We want to contribute to research for better treatments and ultimately a cure for Parkinson’s because my husband and Alex’s dad Andrew (in picture) was diagnosed at 46 with Young Onset Parkinsons.  Since Andrew’s diagnosis the Lindsay family and friends have rallied together each year to raise money for Parkinsons by participating in various events like the Melbourne Marathon. This year we got together to sell the much loved secret family recipe to raise funds for Parkinson’s, through Shake it Up.


What advice do you have for others looking to make a difference?

Apart from finding your grandmother’s amazing relish recipe, we have found getting involved in fundraising helps raise awareness about people impacted by Parkinson’s disease.  Focus on what you can do, get active, get engaged and participate in finding a solution.

How can people buy the relish?

Our initial batch has sold out in Victoria, however Smoults Larder in Maylands, Perth (Smoults Larder – Delicatessen and Giftware Maylands) still have it in stock. We will be making another batch in January and will advise on where it can be purchased. (Note: we are still working out the logistics of online orders. Given the demand and expense with postage we need to sort out costs before we commit.)


Looking to get involved and make a difference towards the future for Parkinson’s? We need people like you to help raise funds towards better treatments and get the word out about Parkinson’s. Find out more about how you can help today or contact us for more information.