What drives our Shake It Up Heroes to make a difference!
Friday, 22nd February 2019

Now in its fourth year, Pause 4 Parkinson’s is officially cemented in the Shake It Up event calendar. In recognition of World Parkinson’s Day, the month of April is a time to unite with friends, family and colleagues to raise awareness and funds for a cure.

Let’s take a look back over the years at some of the events our supporters have hosted for Pause 4 Parkinson’s, the impact they have made and what inspired them to make a difference.

Michelle hosts an Auction / Raffle

Michelle who was inspired to get involved in Pause 4 Parkinson’s to support her Dad who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s.  Having seen the emotional and physical toll this has taken on him every day, Michelle wanted to make a difference and help find a cure.

Michelle approached her car club “Muscle, Classic and Performance Car Club of NSW” about a fundraiser. The idea grew from there, and they sourced prizes and held an auction and raffle which raised over $700

Sausage Sizzle for Parkinson’s

Olivia’s husband was diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson’s at the age of 40. With 2 young children, Olivia got behind Pause 4 Parkinson’s by hosting a sausage sizzle.  In just 3 hours they raised $960.00.

When her husband was first diagnosed Olivia felt very helpless so wanted to feel as though she was doing something! Getting involved made her feel like she was doing something!

Having friends and family show their support and also get involved makes us feel less alone on this journey.

BBQ raises over $17,000

What a fantastic effort from  Steve, Sharyn, Craig and Trudi,  who were also supported by a team of many others.  Through hosting a BBQ at their home and getting their workplace involved they raised over $17,700 for Shake It Up.

Seeing the impact of Parkinson’s on a family member inspired them to get involved and not only raise funds for Parkinson’s research but also to raise awareness and share the impact this disease has on the lives of so many people.

Shakes for Shakes Day

Our hero Sharon hosted a fundraiser for Pause 4 Parkinson’s by having a ‘Shake 4 Shakes’ day at her business where they donated half the takings from their delicious protein shakes.  Sharon was inspired by her awesomely amazing Mum, who does anything & everything for so many others has been struck with this crippling disease.

Little Isaac (pictured left) also emptied his money box to help his Nanna.

Pedal for Parkinson’s

Vaughan was just 33 when he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s.  As a passionate mountain bike rider and a young family at his side, he wasn’t ready to become passive to Parkinson’s. Instead, his thoughts turned to “what can I do to help others in the same situation”. He came up with the idea “Pedal for Parkinson’s” and rode from Melbourne to Sydney over 10 days to raise funds for research.

Brady Family makes a Difference

Greg Brady was diagnosed with Parkinson’s 26 years ago and has shown amazing strength, patience and determination to keep moving. His speech and swallowing have been affected, and he finds it difficult to keep his eyes open. Walking and daily activities are a challenge; however, he still keeps going every day with a smile.

Through the support of his wife Rosemary, the whole family got behind For Pause for Parkinson’s where they spent the day baking and icing 90 cupcakes.  They then loaded them into the car with Greg and visited their families and friends.

After 3 1/2 hours, they were able to collect $656, catch up with old friends and know they had made a difference.