Many of our supporters go out of their way to spread the word about Parkinson’s far and wide, sharing their stories, raising awareness about the realities of life with Parkinson’s, and increasing understanding about the importance of funding groundbreaking research.



Emma Tinkler

Emma Tinkler regularly shares her experience of living with both MS and Parkinson’s, the challenges of misdiagnosis, and the mind and body based interventions she has found helpful. Recently she spoke to the staff at NeuRA about her experiences. You can follow her journey on Instagram @livingwithpdandms

Listen to Emma’s interview on the Shake It Up Show.


Gary Mckitterick-Gillet

Gary has been visiting Mt Everest year on year, including as a virtual challenge during the pandemic, all to raise funds for essential Australian Parkinson’s research. He does regular news interviews and media appearances and is always on the look out for opportunities to spread the word about the importance of supporting Parkinson’s research.

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Christine Jeyachandran

Christine Jeyachandran is a huge advocate for raising awareness of Parkinson’s disease and regularly shares her story of being diagnosed with YOPD and the benefits she has found from gymnastics in treating her symptoms. This year Christine was an ambassador for the World Parkinson Congress, and a media advocate for Shake It Up’s Pause 4 Parkinson’s campaign.

You can follow her journey at @handstandforparkinsons on Instagram

Listen to Christine’s interview on the Shake It Up Show.

Sandi Gerschwitz

Sandra Gerschwitz was diagnosed with Parkinson’s at age 45 and has openly shared her journey to get doctors to take her concerns seriously, her experience dealing with her diagnosis, and why she feels it’s so crucial to smash the stigma around this disease. This year Sandi took on the inspiring challenge to trek Mt Everest with Trek Ready Himalayas.

Listen to Sandi’s interview on the Shake It Up Show. 

Joanne Colquhoun

Joanne has shared her story of being diagnosed with Parkinson’s in news interviews and media appearances, with the goal to raise more awareness and understanding of the disease. In 2023 she hosted a karaoke fundraiser in conjunction with ABC Radio Sydney for Parkinson’s to support essential research.

Listen to Joanne’s interview on The Shake It Up Show.

Mark vanHamond

Mark, founder and managing director of eQuality Support, is determined to make a difference by raising awareness and funds for Parkinson’s research. Inspired by his dad’s courage and determination, Mark plans to run the Sydney Marathon to support those affected by the disease and raise a massive $38,000, representing the 38 Australians diagnosed with Parkinson’s each day. He, and his company eQuality Support, have spread the word through news and social media to build more understanding of the disease.

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Sean Atkinson

In January 2023, Sean was diagnosed with Early Onset Parkinson’s Disease at just 36 years of age. The diagnosis came as a shock to Sean and his family, with no family history of the disease. Since being diagnosed, Sean has committed to raising funds and awareness for essential research into better treatments and a cure for Parkinson’s disease. He is taking on a big challenge with an upcoming hike to Mt Everest Base Camp in 2024, and raises awareness across news media and social media to shed more light on life with the disease at a young age.

Listen to Sean’s interview on the Shake It Up Show. 


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