Three New Parkinson’s Research Projects Funded
Tuesday, 10th September 2019

Shake It Up are excited to announce three new research projects which have been funded in collaboration with The Michael J. Fox Foundation. These studies will be conducted at The Brain and Mind Centre, Sydney University and The University of Queensland.


The first of these studies extends biomarker research under Professor Glenda Halliday at the Brain & Mind Institute. The study will look at the role immune dsyfunction plays in the onset and progression of the alpha-synclein pathology in Parkinson’s disease. Well-known immune molecules targeted for treatment in immune system diseases will be screened and used to identify any substantive changes over time at a cellular level.

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Associate Professor Kay Double PhDThe second study at Sydney University with Associate Professor Kay Double will look at dopamine cell death as a result of a novel proteinopathy in Parkinson’s disease brains. This project may reveal why dopamine cells die in Parkinson’s and how these cells can be protected from the disease process.

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Dr Oliver Rawashdeh

The third study at The University of Queensland with Dr Oliver Rawashdeh is looking at sleep and circadian dysfunction in people with Parkinson’s.  Specifically, this project will focus on a new pathway Per1 to potentially restore biological rhythms and stabilise sleep patterns that are disrupted in Parkinson’s patients. The study will also look at whether an improvement in sleep quality and biological sensitivity can lead to a reduction in brain inflammation.

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