Our 2020 Fundraising Heroes – Part One
Friday, 8th January 2021

2020 was an extremely difficult year and with most of us in isolation or practicing social distancing, it was also a challenging year for fundraising. Shake It Up made it through 2020 with the support of our fundraisers, generous donors and corporate sponsors who are committed to finding treatments that slow, stop and prevent progression, ultimately leading to a cure for Parkinson’s.

As we navigate 2021 together, Shake It Up would like to thank our supporters who have been so integral to our success in 2020. Let’s have a look back on some of our fundraising heroes for 2020.

The Clark’s take their Curry Night online

In the midst of an Australia-wide Covid-19 lockdown, the Clark’s transformed their annual Pause 4 Parkinson’s Curry Night into a virtual event with takeaway curries available to order and an online stream of their raffle draw with family and friends. Deb Clark said of the event, “A Facebook event was established outlining the changes and the process of ordering curries and buying raffle tickets. We made regular updates to keep people informed. Interestingly, many who were unable to attend the original date were now able to make an order and enjoy the curries, as well as support the event. Initially, we were concerned that we would have lots of curry leftover but the opposite was true! We were making additional curries every day for a week. We also received orders from friends’ neighbours and community members whom we didn’t know.”

Kate runs 2020km in 2020

Kate ran a huge 2020 kilometres throughout 2020 to raise funds for Shake It Up. Her idea turned out to be perfect for the Covid-19 conditions, as she could still go on her runs through the scenic Blue Mountains and ask for online donations from family and friends. Kate said the challenge was hard but  absolutely worth it and she crossed the 2020km finish line in the period between Christmas and New Years 2020. “At the end of last year, I decided to set myself a goal of running 2020km in 2020. But then I thought who else could this goal benefit? So, I set up a fundraising page with a goal of $2020 for 2020 km for Shake It Up and just went for it. Because I didn’t tie myself to one event this has been a blessing. I can still put in the km while we are all social distancing.”

Ryan runs as Forrest Gump for Shake It Up

Inspired by his Aunty Denise who has Parkinson’s, Ryan ran a half marathon or marathon every month dressed as Forrest Gump to raise funds for Shake It Up. Ryan originally planned to complete running events which were all cancelled or rescheduled, so instead he got moving around a local park, pounding the pavement and taking his fundraising online. His fundraising was very successful and his story was picked up by an number of local media outlets, including the Geelong Advertiser and 3AW Radio Melbourne.

CrossFit Smash Canberra burpee challenge

Averil and the team at CrossFit Smash Canberra embarked on a huge challenge this year for the Shake It Up Virtual Challenge. They committed to 100 burpees per day for 100 days! It was an extremely difficult challenge but together they banded together and made it through, raising significant funds for Shake It Up in the process. Averil spoke about their inspiration for the challenge, saying “Almost 15 years ago my Mum was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Like many others, she initially hid her symptoms and simply ‘got on with it’ as a highly capable, intelligent and hard working baby boomer. Watching her navigate through life as her condition progressed over the years has been both inspiring and heartbreaking. My Mums wish now is to help the world better understand Parkinson’s and to find a cure for the generations that come after her. The incredible team at CrossFit Smash Canberra and I hope to honour this wish by supporting the amazing work of Shake It Up Australia.”

Monkey Mia boys do Covid-19 Desert Trip

The Monkey Mia boys didn’t let Covid-19 stop them this year, taking on a desert challenge when the restrictions eased. The boys (Harry Chisholm and Jim Salter, Phil Davies, Dave Cato and Andrew Urquhart), have now completed 3 outback challenges and raised over $117k  for Parkinson’s Research over the 3 years. What an incredible achievement! We spoke with Andrew who said of their success, “I think our success has come from a fortunate group of mates and most of our funds have come from friends and relations. They’ve been very generous with large donations. My best advice would be to create a large email list of all your friends and family and colleagues and keep emailing them with updates on your fundraising and challenge.”

They also hosted a very successful online art auction with friends and family after the desert trip.

As we navigate 2021 together, Shake It Up would like to thank our supporters who have been so integral to our success in 2020.

Help us take on 2021 together, spread awareness about Parkinson’s disease with your community and get involved with fundraising for research towards a cure for Parkinson’s disease. Find out more today about how you can help by contacting our Community Fundraising and Events Manager, Isobel or see more information on ways to get involved on our website