Gary and his team will climb Mt Everest virtually
Friday, 7th August 2020

At the start of this year, we announced that long-time supporter, Gary would be returning to Nepal with a new team of friends to climb Mt Everest, raising funds and awareness for Parkinson’s along the way.

Due to the Covid-19 situation, those plans are, unfortunately, on an extended hold while international travel has ceased. Instead, Gary and the team – Tina, Christine, Rob, Francine, Jenna and Karen – will be completing the trek virtually! What a great idea! The team are already halfway with their fundraising goal, having raised over $4,750, and have been working hard with their training toward the new virtual goal.

Recently Channel 7’s Sunrise caught up with Gary about the challenge.

Hikers to climb Mount Coolum 42 times after Mount Everest trek was cancelled

A group of hikers are training to climb Mount Coolum 42 times in just five days, after their trek to Mount Everest base camp was cancelled due to COVID-19.

Gary McKitterick-Gillet and his team will tackle the mountain eight or nine times each day, raising money for Parkinson’s Disease research.

“Have a shower, something to eat and drink, get a good nights sleep and come back and do it again!” – Hiker, Gary McKitterick-Gillect.

Report on 7NEWS at 6pm.


Posted by 7NEWS Sunshine Coast on Wednesday, August 5, 2020

What is the new plan for your fundraising?

#everesttrekforparkinsons was set up to raise funds for Shake It Up Australia Foundation with the culmination of the fundraising being the trek to Mt Everest Base Camp in October 2020. So, if we can’t get to Mt Everest why not bring Mt Everest to us!

Picture scaling the heights of Mt Everest, 8,858m, without having to deal with altitude, extreme cold, isolation and dealing with the death zone.

The Mt Everest adventure could be conducted anywhere in Australia. Just find a local mountain, stairs, what ever you can find and apply the same distance and time.  Your challenges will be, fitness, hydration, recovery and then go again.

Oh, and tell everyone what you are doing and why you are doing it!

To Support Gary and the team visit their fundraising page

Where will you be doing your challenge?

Mt Coolum on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, stands at 208M, and provides commanding views over the coast and is very popular with tourists and local alike.

I’ll be climbing Mt Coolum 8 times a day for 5 days, accumulating a total of 8,858m.

Why continue with the challenge?

Our team of trekkers spread across Australia have been training to go to the Mt Everest Base Camp in Nepal and raising funds for Parkinson’s Research. While this adventure has been delayed until 2021, the needs of people with Parkinson’s Disease have not. So, our fundraising continues, with our goal being to raise $10,000 or more to help find a cure.


You can get involved and trek your own Mt Everest from wherever you are in Australia! Or why not set your own challenge? Find out more today.