Finding a cure

Shake It Up Australia Foundation has a clear mission:

Our strategies:

We create a culture of collaboration within the Australian Parkinson’s research community

Our partnership with The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research (MJFF) provides opportunities for real time sharing of data and tools to accelerate knowledge and speed progress towards breakthroughs. This collaborative approach includes regular workshops and forums with some of Australia’s best and brightest in the area of Parkinson’s research.

We fund only world’s best cutting edge research in Australia

Our partnership with MJFF gives confidence that the research we are funding in Australia is internationally competitive. All funded research is first assessed and validated by the expert panel of scientists at MJFF to eliminate redundancy of research around the globe. Once approved the research projects are monitored and benchmarked by a team of formally trained PhDs and business-trained project managers. This includes periodic release of funds in line with the approved grant and on the basis of reported results.

We provide an opportunity for Parkinson’s patients, their loved ones and all members of the community to contribute to this ground breaking research on the path to a cure.

Shake It Up Australia is committed to providing innovative and collaborative opportunities to inspire members of the Parkinson’s community – and the general public – to act in greater numbers than ever and to empower them to be a part of our quest to find the cure.

Specifically, the Foundation has created the opportunity for EVERYONE to be able to run their own fundraising event or to participate in an already organised event. We have also stepped up to answer the critical challenge of under-enrollment in clinical research by encouraging participation in the Fox Trial Finder. Additionally, our Corporate Partnership program provides the opportunity for entire workforces to unite in the quest for a cure.

While our mission and broad strategies may seem straight forward the process of drug development is complex and timely. This video produced by The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research steps you through the process in a simplified way and highlights why we need your help to make a world without Parkinson’s a reality. 


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