PD Warrior 10 Week Challenge – FREE Webinar

Are you living with hope? Are you setting brave goals and working towards them? 

PD Warrior, the internationally acclaimed exercise program for Parkinson’s Disease, is going on tour (virtually that is) to deliver a taste of their signature 10 Week Challenge via webinar.  You’ll meet the founder, Melissa McConaghy, and learn how you can participate in their exciting program commencing January 1 2019. 

Being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease can be a massive life shift, however it isn’t the cue to stop dreaming.  PD Warrior has helped thousands of people live their best life with Parkinson’s disease, touching over 50 countries in the process.

Parkinson’s should not define your enjoyment in life and that’s what this program is all about – staying active, learning how to move efficiently, and supporting your other treatments with your regular doctors.  Add their 10 Week Challenge to your 2019 goal book now and let’s bring on our best selves.

We are excited to attend the webinar and want to invite you to attend too!! All you have to do is register for the webinar at your preferred time and ensure you set your google calendar reminder. You’ll learn about the neuroscience and physiotherapy behind the program and what results are being achieved.

The Brave folk at PD Warrior are also behind the World’s First purely only Summit for Parkinson’s, INSIGHT, that is held each year in April bringing world experts together direct to your lounge room via a virtual conference. In 2019 with their Shake It Up Australia Foundation & partners, they are aiming  to raise $1 Million for research & community through ticket sales for the event!