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The Australian Parkinson’s Mission (APM) will conduct an Australian clinical trials program using repurposed (potentially disease modifying drugs that could slow, stop or reverse Parkinson’s progression) drugs, integrated with transformative research, to identify and fast track effective treatments to people with Parkinson’s. The program will run over 5 years.

The APM will be available for all people with Parkinson’s — those who have been newly diagnosed, and those have been living with the disease.

Recruitment has now commenced, with eight sites across Australia (in NSW, VIC, SA, WA and QLD), opening for participant enrolment and recruitment.

Please visit the APM website for more information on your nearest site.

The benefits have the potential to affect people with Parkinson’s and clinicians:

  • Determine which drugs are effective to change the progression of the disease for which patients
  • Develop screening, prevention and early intervention protocols for individuals at high risk of Parkinson’s
  • Develop blood-based biomarkers to measure the existence and progression of the disease
  • Proof of principle for a genomics-based precision medicine framework
  • Better classification of Parkinson’s subtypes based on their DNA

There is also the potential for significant savings in the health industry.


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Transformative clinical trials and genomics to help treat and cure Parkinson’s.

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