A BODY 2 FIT is a 67-person triathlon team raising funds & awareness for Parkinson’s
Tuesday, 24th October 2023

Many of our supporters at Shake It Up participate in fundraisers that involve tough athletic feats to help raise funds and awareness for Parkinson’s disease. This year, A BODY 2 FIT Personal Training in the Gold Coast has assembled a 67-person team to take on a huge triathlon challenge, and we got the chance to speak with their director and trainer Jenny, to learn all about it.

Hi Jenny, tell us all about your ‘A BODY 2 FIT Shakers’ fundraising team! How did it come about?

Our family has been fundraising for various charities via our business A BODY 2 FIT Personal Training & Triathlon Squad for 14 years. Our longest standing client of 27 years, Peter, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease over 10 years ago and as a he is a supporter of Shake It Up Australia, we decided that we would like to assist in supporting the Foundation that he is so passionate about.

When Peter told me that the Foundation was called Shake It Up Australia my mind immediately went into overdrive, and I thought… We are going to form our biggest triathlon charity team! Enter campaign “TRI 2 SHAKE IT” and the team A BODY 2 FIT Shakers. Our team consists of 67 men, women, and children.

How will you all be training for the big triathlon?

The “TRI 2 SHAKE IT” team will be completing 5 team training sessions which Peter and I have donated to the campaign. Some of the children already train with our A BODY 2 FIT Junior Triathlon Squad in the afternoons, so some of the adults use this time to also get some training done together, whilst others do extra Personal Training sessions with us as well.

Joining our “TRI 2 SHAKE IT” team has also encouraged families to get out training together over the weekends which is inspirational!

Our first session took place on September 10th, our 2nd session was last Sunday, and we will complete three more group training sessions prior to the “TRI 2 Shake It” event at the Kingscliff Triathlon on 26th November.

What has been the highlight of the fundraising journey so far?

With more than 6 weeks to go, I know that the highlights and laughter for us will be in abundance. However, the most inspirational moments for both Peter and I as the coaches of this team have been the sense of community. Families and friends coming together, stepping out of their comfort zone for charity, taking the time to exercise, interact and give back… this is something that makes us smile inside! We are always amazed at the support we receive when we create these fundraising teams.

What drives your commitment to fundraising for Parkinson’s research?

Our passion and commitment to give back to is driven by the fact that Shake It Up Australia receives no government funding and is clearly using 100% of donated funds to assist in finding a cure for the disease which affects so many Australian families. Training and working with Peter in assisting him with his Parkinson’s over the last decade, it has given us an insight into how this affects so many families within Australia and throughout the world. If we can assist in making a difference, then that is our driving force.

What is your advice for others looking to make a difference?

Find a charity where you know your hard-earned funds will be used to make a real difference. Create something that is fun, enjoyable, and engaging for the whole community. Create a sense of belief in people, a challenge that will encourage them to step out of their comfort zone and most importantly, where they feel supported, motivated and at ease!

You can support Jenny and the whole ‘TRI 2 SHAKE IT’ triathlon team reach their $15,000 fundraising goal here.

Jenny from A Body 2 Fit says it's important when fundraising to create something that is fun, enjoyable, and engaging for the community - and most importantly, where they feel supported, motivated and at ease! Click To Tweet