Challenge heroes
Friday, 25th September 2020

This September has seen an influx of Shake It Up supporters challenging themselves for Parkinson’s. By choosing to fundraise for Shake It Up, these mighty heroes have inspired others, and raised funds that will make a difference towards better treatments for Parkinson’s. We are so grateful for their support.

Could you challenge yourself for Parkinson’s? As the weather warms up into Spring, now is the ideal time to take on a physical challenge, spread the word about Parkinson’s and raise funds that will lead us closer to a cure. Will you run, swim, cycle, or take on burpees, push ups or squats? Any challenge is possible so get involved today! 

Dom’s 100km Run

Tomorrow is the big day for Dom who is running 100km for his Uncle Gaz. This enormous challenge was inspired by Gaz and the challenges Parkinson’s brings to his life. Dom said “We have watched Gaz totally lose his independence. When he couldn’t balance on a pushbike properly on a family holiday in Vietnam we all had a bit of a laugh, including Gaz. Fast forward eight years and he is wheelchair bound, requires assistance in all aspects of his life, is unable to verbally communicate or hold a facial expression, requires full time care in a modified house and even the thought of going outside is an enormous challenge.” So far, Dom has raised $6,660 towards Parkinson’s research. Good luck for the big day tomorrow!

Maddy and Judy’s September Shuffle

Inspired by Judy’s Parkinson’s diagnosis, Maddy and Judy started a challenge to walk 10,000 steps per day and drink no alcohol for the month of September. Their friends, family and community have come out in force to support the duo with their challenge and donating generously with one goal in mind – a cure for Parkinson’s. “Mum and I are doing what we call a ‘September Shuffle’. That’s 10,000 steps (or shuffles on some days, in Mum’s case!) a day through the month of September, coupled with no alcohol. I thought it was a great way to tie in activity, diet and nutrition – three things that you can focus on (outside of taking medication) that help curb the disease day in and day out.” Together, they’ve raised $6,266 with 5 more days left on their challenge. Congratulations!

Team Amaysim Run for Parkinson’s

The Amaysim team challenged themselves to run 30 mins per day for 30 days over August and September. The team of over 30 members completed their challenge last week and raised $3,440 for Parkinson’s. Over the 30 days, they also completed over 4,168km (that’s the distance between Sydney and Perth!!) and over 36,000 active minutes. The team found the challenge rewarding and invigorating, and we’ve been inspired by their commitment to the cause.


Could you challenge yourself for Parkinson’s this Spring? As a small charity, our community fundraisers are the heart of what keeps us going. Your efforts will make a difference. Find out more today and together, we can find a cure for Parkinson’s.