Jeff Treks the Entire 248km of The Larapinta Trail

Our hero this week is Jeff Smart who, inspired by our Trek for Treatment in Larapinta, decided to challenge himself with the entire 248km Larapinta Trail. Jeff is by no means a newbie trekker – he was with us on our El Camino Trek last year too. We chatted with Jeff about his amazing achievement.

Tell us about your Larapinta Trek to Shake Things Up?

I walked the full length of the Larapinta Trail – 248km in 16 Days. 

It was an extraordinary adventure – but probably more than I had anticipated. In particular, the walk up to Counts Point and Mt Sonder – It was a wow moment from both spots to look back and see how far I had walked. 

Unfortunately the photos don’t give the scale and perspective – especially the incline of the ascents/descents.  I still marvel how I got down off Brinkley’s Bluff, the 500+ step descent to Stanley Chasm and the walk up to the  lookout opposite Mt Giles.

I tripped and fell a couple of times (bloody PD)  but on each occasion I got straight up.  I did literally walk the tread off my boots and will need new boots before my next walking adventure. 

Greatest Reward

I got a real buzz from achieving and not letting PD hold me back – though at times in the 248km (16 days) I may have had some doubts.  It is important to me to challenge the image/perception of what it means to have PD.  My personal highlight was probably the 31 km day from to Ormiston Creek – both as a challenge and the views. 

I am proud to have lived up to the challenge set by Michael J Fox- “live in the moment, enjoy the day, make the most of what you have”. 

More Adventures to Come

I’m planning to register for Shake It Up’s Trek for Parkinson’s in Tuscany 2020!