Lisa raises $17,000 with annual Parkinson’s fundraisers
Friday, 25th August 2023

At Shake It Up we have many incredible supporters who fundraise for us year on year. One of these supporters, Lisa, has now held five fundraising events for Shake It Up, reaching a huge total of $17,000 in funds raised for Parkinson’s research! We spoke to Lisa about how her fundraising first came about, and why she has continued this effort over the years.

Hi Lisa, tell us all about your most recent fundraising event! What was involved?

This was our 5th Shake It Up fundraiser and it was in the form of a luncheon at a small, local, award-winning restaurant this year. We had previously held high teas in our back garden, and moved to hiring venues as numbers grew! During COVID we also held an online fundraiser as we were in lockdown, but I still held raffles which we did a video of, with my husband drawing the names of the winners.

Can you share a bit more about the hat theme with us?

I have always incorporated a hat / headpiece theme to put a fun spin on a serious disease and there is always a nice prize attached to the best one.  This year it was so good with people showing up with hand made creative designs, so we had to give three prizes!  I also always include 3 door prizes and have done at all the fundraisers.

What drives your commitment to fundraise for Parkinson’s?

The reason I started and continue to get on board with this fundraiser is the battle my dad had.  I saw the struggle and his eyes would look at me with that very different stare, always asking if there was something new to try, a new treatment etc. Along with the fact that Michael J. Fox was my Dad’s favourite actor, it just was the right fit for me to fundraise for a cure in Dad’s memory now.  I remember hearing about Shake It Up on 98.5 Sonshine FM while driving five years ago when dad was very ill. That inner voice just made me put together the first high tea in our back garden.

It is not always easy but we have tried to keep helping with this important work and I really do love seeing all the fundraisers Mark and I have done. The coming together of people 16 to 86 years old and everyone in between is amazing.  I also try keep it community based and local with catering and in turn supporting the small businesses around me. I do have the most generous, fun and hard working husband who encourages and brings all his help at every event, so it is with him I do this.

How do you feel about reaching that huge $17,000 fundraising total?

I feel proud of this year having passed the $17,000 mark over all the fundraisers. In the words of Mother Teresa, we are casting a stone across the water to make a ripple …. A small difference toward something greater.

Shake It Up supporter Lisa says she feels fundraising is a way to make a small difference toward something greater - and she's raised over $17k for Parkinson's research! Share on X