Living with Parkinson’s: Janice Shares her Story
Monday, 26th October 2015

Janice wants to share her personal story of living with Parkinson’s. From diagnosis to her positive outlook, she uses her creativity to stay on top!

How old were you when you were diagnosed?

Tell us about being diagnosed?
While working at a preschool, I noticed my handwriting was getting smaller and I was much slower at completing daily reports. A slight tremor also began in my right hand so my GP sent me for a MRI. I was then referred on to a Neurologist who diagnosed me with Parkinson’s Disease.

What is the greatest challenge that Parkinson’s poses to your everyday life?
My greatest challenge with Parkinson’s is to continue to have the emotional and mental strength to be able to cope and adapt to future limitations and physical deterioration which this degenerative disease will bring without being a burden to others!

Apart from a cure – what is your greatest wish?
My greatest wish apart from a cure is to turn the negative of getting Parkinson’s into a positive experience so that I can remain healthy and physically active as long as possible to enjoy a quality of life with my family as well as contributing to the community.

Apart from medication what has helped you most since your diagnosis?
On-going support and understanding from my family, friends and treating medical professionals as well as embarking on an exercise program and a healthy diet have greatly helped me since my diagnosis. Writing poetry and children’s stories has given me a new lease on life and creative purpose.

What do you love to do in your spare time?
In my spare time I look after my two beautiful grandchildren throughout the week while their mum attends University. In fact, they often provide me with much inspiration for writing children’s stories which is my other passion. I recently posted a short story on my Facebook page titled “My Nana is a Mover and a Shaker” which was aimed at providing an understanding of Parkinson’s disease from a young child’s perspective as well as sharing my experience with others.