April Research Forum – Gut Health
Saturday, 10th April 2021

We are pleased to welcome Dr Richard Gordon from the University of Queensland who will be discussing the link between gut health and Parkinson’s Disease. Evidence now shows that changes in gut function often come years before the onset of Parkinson’s symptoms such as tremors. A significant issue for those with the disease is a slow-down in digestive tract movement, leading to constipation. Queensland researchers, backed by Advance Queensland, have begun a human trial in South East Queensland to treat constipation and gut dysfunction.

The research team, led by Dr Richard Gordon and Associate Professor John O’Sullivan, have screened more than 20 people with Parkinson’s who have expressed interest in the trial. It will determine if a new treatment can restore beneficial gut microbiome species and improve symptoms such as constipation in Parkinson’s disease patients.

If you missed the presentation you can view it below:

If you are interested in participating in this clinical trial you can find out more here.