Introducing the National Parkinson’s Alliance
Monday, 25th March 2024

National Parkinson’s Alliance formed to lead change for Parkinson’s community.

Shake It Up Australia is pleased to announce the formation of the National Parkinson’s Alliance.

This collaborative initiative brings together key stakeholders living with Parkinson’s and leaders from diverse backgrounds to work towards aligned outcomes for the Parkinson’s community.

About the Alliance

The organisations forming the Alliance with Shake It Up Australia include; Parkinson’s NSW, Parkinson’s Tasmania, Fight Parkinson’s and Wings 4 Parkinson’s, along with representatives from leading research institutions including Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA), Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research (WEHI), Menzies Institute of Medical Research, the University of Tasmania, Queensland University of Technology.

The Alliance will lead nationwide advocacy efforts for the Parkinson’s community. By pooling resources and expertise, the Alliance aims to address complex challenges and create transformative solutions to enhance the lives of people with Parkinson’s in Australia.

Comprising of a diverse range of organisations, regions and disciplines, the National Parkinson’s Alliance is committed to prioritising research, inclusivity and health equity. This approach ensures the work of the Alliance will benefit all people affected by Parkinson’s.

Our mission is to address the immediate and critical needs of people living with Parkinson’s in Australia.

The Alliance is working across sectors and professional disciplines to accelerate support for the Parkinson’s community. The Alliance focus includes earlier detection and diagnosis of Parkinson’s, improving access to healthcare, resources, support and treatments, as well as advancing research to better understand causes, mechanisms, treatments and prevention of Parkinson’s.

National Parkinson’s Action Plan

To ensure the sustainability of this work, the Alliance is committed to establishing an inclusive network of people with Parkinson’s, like-minded organisations, institutions, clinical professionals and government. This network will support the development, implementation, and assessment of the National Parkinson’s Action Plan.

Developed with and for the community, the National Parkinson’s Action Plan will inform community, government and the sector of the priorities, strategies and actions necessary to deliver positive change for people living with Parkinson’s in Australia.

Australian Summit to End Parkinson’s

On Tuesday 26 March, the Alliance hosted the Australian Summit to End Parkinson’s. This special event, hosted by the newly formed National Parkinson’s Alliance, highlighted the Parkinson’s crisis unfolding globally and how urgent action is required to address the immediate and critical needs of people living with Parkinson’s in Australia. With prevalence of Parkinson’s estimated to double by 2040, Australia needs a plan to inform government strategy, policy and investment in prevention and research into treatments/therapies, cure and care in Parkinson’s.

This was a significant moment for the Australian Parkinson’s community, as we united to advocate for urgent action to tackle the global Parkinson’s crisis – with the prevalence of Parkinson’s estimated to double by 2040.

Over 32 people living with Parkinson’s from across Australia attended, alongside members of the Alliance, the research community and parliamentarians.

The Summit was opened by our Patron, His Excellency General the Honourable David Hurley AC DSC (Retd), and featured voices from those living with Parkinson’s, researchers, and advocates, including long-term Shake It Up supporters Andrew Urquhart and Noel Passalaqua.

Shake It Up Founder Clyde Campbell called for Government to join us in our vision of a world without Parkinson’s, to support a National Parkinson’s Action Plan by investing in critical research and supporting the immediate needs of people living with PD.

Together, the group showcased the power of collaboration and a united voice.

The National Parkinson’s Alliance is committed to visionary and impactful leadership that will drive change to achieve greater impact for the Parkinson’s community.

For more information about the National Parkinson’s Alliance, please get in touch with us today.

National Parkinson’s Alliance Members:

  • A/Prof Jane Alty, University of Tasmania
  • A/Prof Michele Callisaya, Univeristy of Tasmania
  • Emma Collin, Fight Parkinson’s
  • Prof Grant Dewson, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute
  • Prof Tracey Dickson, Menzie’s Institute
  • Dr Richard Gordon, Queensland University of Technology
  • Vicki Miller, Shake it Up Australia Foundation
  • Dr Harley Stanton, Wings 4 Parkinson’s
  • Prof Carolyn Sue, Neuroscience Reseaarch Australia
  • Mary Kay Walker, Parkinson’s NSW