Inspiration Poem for People Living With Parkinson’s
Friday, 15th June 2018

Clare was diagnosed with Parkinson’s age 30. Clare is a nurse a wife and a mum and still works full time in a job that she loves.  Next month is her 10 year anniversary post diagnosis and she wrote a poem to help raise awareness and give inspiration to other people living with Parkinson’s.

Parkinson’s disease (PD)- well where do I start.

I was diagnosed at age 30 and it broke my heart.

Some dark days then followed and the tears they came fast. I really didn’t know how long these tears would last

Thoughts spinning around in my head every day. When was this feeling going to go away?

Was this a dream, I would often ask?  Oh no, luv it’s real and it’s going to last.

Well someone best pinch me and wake me up quick, because I’m gonna need some help to get through this hard bit.

What hard bit I thought and took some deep breaths. I can do this with help from my love ones I know. Because they won’t let me put on a bloody poor show.

They can stand by my side and follow each step, on this journey I take no matter how hard things will get.

Their hearts bursting with joy for what they can see, a girl with an attitude that this shit won’t get me!

Those dark days are gone and return only infrequently. I may have PD but that doesn’t mean PD has got me.

Next month it will be my 10 years anniversary, so I write this poem for all to see.

Please don’t judge a book by its cover, there are many layers to me.

I’m a mum a wife, have friends and family.  I also have something that is called PD.

Externally you may not see that this thing exists, but believe me it’s tough when my body’s in bits. My body won’t function just as it should. I think I’m only 40 and I wish that it would.

I work hard everyday to keep this demon at Bay. Taking pills with some water at least 3 times a day.

These pills keep me ticking along on my way. I hope that a cure will be found someday, in a laboratory setting by someone called Ray!

Ray will bring sunshine upon our dark days. We will thank this young scientist and her work will be done. People’s suffering will then be long gone.

Please don’t be sorry, that’s not what I ask. Just be yourself around this Yorkshire lass.

My positive thinking is what’s got me through and having people around me who care just like you.

Another 10 years won’t be easy to do. But I don’t give up easy and you know that is true.

Together we can kick PD into touch, but it won’t go away I can tell you that much.

I thank you for listening and hope when you see me, you remember that sometimes things aren’t always easy.

When Ray comes along I will give you a shout and you can help celebrate when we take her out!


About Clare

I’m Clare, a 40 something year old mum, wife, daughter, friend; the list goes on!

At the age of 30, I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, yes age 30! I have continued to live life to the full. I have climbed the ranks at work; in a job that I love, and feel passionate about. I’ve studied at Sheffield Hallam University; obtaining a Masters Certificate whilst working full time (I honestly wouldn’t recommend this!!) I married my best friend and after 14 years together, we eloped to Gretna Green in Scotland. Our son took the most amazing pictures of this day and special memories were made. I’m proud of my achievements, but most of all I’m proud of myself for not giving in. For continuing to fight, even when the going gets tough; which believe me I know it does.  I have no miracle cure, I take no wonder drugs. I do believe that my positive, outgoing personality and determination to succeed has helped tremendously throughout my journey. This is no easy task but we owe it to ourselves to give it our all. I may have PD but it certainly does not have me.

This month it will be 10 years post-diagnosis. I intend on raising a glass. I’m not sure a celebration is the right word to use, but every step we take to overcome our daily battle with PD should be celebrated.