Pause 4 Parkinson’s 2021
Monday, 10th May 2021

Pause 4 Parkinson’s 2021 was a huge year, with a big show of support from our community fundraiser and corporate partners. Together, we raised over $220,000 for Parkinson’s research! There were some fun highlights this year including celebrating our 10-year anniversary and crowning our first ever Shake It Up Pet Ambassador, Lola. Our highest community fundraiser was Lyle Hammerschlag who, together with friends and family, challenged himself for Parkinson’s by swimming laps of Camp Cove. Lyle raised $15k for Pause 4 Parkinson’s. Annie Hicks was another amazing community fundraiser, challenging herself to a 20km walk to support her Dad with Parkinson’s. She raised $10k (with donation still coming in!).


A big thank you everyone who supported Pause 4 Parkinson’s by donating, fundraising or spreading awareness, as well as our corporate sponsors who make the campaign possible. Together, we can make a big difference towards better treatments for Parkinson’s.

Celebrating our 10-year anniversary

This April marked the 10th anniversary of the Shake It Up Australia Foundation. The past decade has seen significant strides taken towards a cure for Parkinson’s. Since our inception we have co-funded 50 research projects across 13 Australian research institutes to the value of $15 million. And we’re really proud of that.

Shake It Up are grateful for our incredible community whose fundraising plays an integral role in helping us advance research towards a cure.

Our first ever Shake It Up Pet Ambassador

Congratulations to Lola, who became our first ever Pet Ambassador by public vote. The Pet Ambassador search was hotly contested with many beautiful stories emerging about how our pets support us through Parkinson’s.

Our Top Fundraiser – Lyle

Congratulations to Lyle, and his friends and family, who completed 40 laps of Camp Cove for Parkinson’s and raised $15k for Australian Parkinson’s Research! They were our Pause 4 Parkinson’s 2021 highest fundraisers. Lyle swam the 10km challenge for his Uncle who has Parkinson’s. Their fundraising was even featured in their local newspaper!