Our Hero Shane runs around Port Philip Bay for Parkinson’s
Friday, 30th August 2013

After completing a 224km run around Port Phillip Bay and raising  $10,000 in the process our very deserving hero this week is Shane Hutton.

What drives our commitment?

Our commitment to finding a cure stems from having a good friend at a young age affected by Parkinson`s. It came as a huge shock and all I thought was what can I do? I am no scientist I can`t find a cure… But I can Run. So that`s what I did. I know that $10,000 is not a lot but I hope it can go some way to help find a cure.

What we did to Shake It Up?

We ran around Port Phillip Bay 224km to Shake It Up.  224kms in 34 hours.  Months of living and breathing route maps, nutrition, support crew volunteers, and organising those to run/walk with him along the way.  We had over 150 people support us on the Saturday and Sunday, whether they be running, riding, cheering, or support crewing.  And many of these supporters were in the crazy, freezing, gale force windy midnight hours!

Why Shake It Up Australia?

We chose Shake It Up Australia because all money raised stays here and is 100% directed to finding a cure for Parkinson’s

Greatest reward

Raising $10,000 & getting so many people involved. We were well and truly humbled at the people who came out to support us.  Educating people that Parkinson`s is not an old persons disease & can affect anyone.  And we have lost count at how many people have told us how amazed they were to be a part of it, and I quote one supporter,

“Being a part of this run is up there with the best things I have ever done in my life, no, actually, this is the best thing I’ve ever done in my life”!!

Greatest challenge

Overcoming a torn calf at 150km to finish the 224km ???? Or was it the Pneumonia & trying to get my fitness back in time for the event?

Best advice

If you can dream it … You can achieve it ????  I had this idea to run around the bay a few years ago, and I’ve stuck to my guns, and achieved the dream!