Shake It Up team Pause 4 Parkinson’s


The team at Shake It Up got right into the spirit of Pause 4 Parkinson’s on Sunday 3 April, with Founder Clyde and his wife Carolyn hosting Foundation Ambassadors, Board Members, and Pause 4 Parkinson’s major sponsors for a delicious afternoon tea in their Sydney home.

The event provided a wonderful opportunity for guests to connect and reflect on what Shake It Up has achieved since it was established. Clyde himself shared his journey from diagnosis to sitting in front of Michael J. Fox presenting his proposal for establishing a Foundation in Australia to co-fund Parkinson’s research. With his purity of motive so clear, the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research (MJFF) gave him the nod of approval and now, less than five years on, Shake It Up – alongside MJFF – is the largest non-government funder of Parkinson’s research in Australia.

Clyde shared just how grateful he was to have the support of so many people at their Pause 4 Parkinson’s event on Sunday, and was pleased to be able to kick off the campaign, which runs throughout April, in such a positive way surrounded by people who are just as passionate about finding a cure as he is.

With Pause 4 Parkinson’s only just beginning, there are still plenty of ways you can get involved through hosting your own Pause 4 Parkinson’s event, supporting an existing event in your local area, asking your workplace to get involved, or simply making a donation today – of which 100% will go into Parkinson’s research.