Shake It Up supporters experience the win-win feeling in Play For Purpose Raffle
Monday, 3rd August 2020

Two Shake It Up supporters had their lucky numbers come up in the recent Play for Purpose Raffle – winning first and fourth place. The $250,000 gold bullion first prize went to a Barossa family in South Australia.  Apart from being a call to remember, the lucky winner was in disbelief.  “Wow! This is amazing…crazy! I’m shaking and my eyes are watering.  This will make a massive difference for my family – thank you!”.  When asked about his connection to Shake It Up, the winner told Play For Purpose that he is an avid supporter of the cause because he has a close family member who has Parkinsons. “We found out about the diagnosis a couple of years ago.  I am on a disability pension and my wife is a nurse, but I wanted to support Shake It Up to do my bit to help find a cure.” When asked about what he would do with the prize: “We’ve got a couple of old rust buckets, so a newer car might be on the list. But this prize will really help to set up my family.”


And the luck continued for Shake It Up supporters with a Kingaroy woman winning the 4th prize – a $5,000 gift voucher at JB HiFi. When asked about her connection to Shake It Up: “Well I haven’t supported them before and I chose them because I have a cousin who has Parkinson’s. He has recently been submitted to a nursing home because he can no longer care for himself.” When asked who she told after receiving the winning call: “I told my family. They were very shocked. I’m usually the most unlucky person around. I texted my Mum and asked if there was anything she needed!” When asked what she would do with the prize: “To be perfectly honest I think I’ll stick him up on the fridge and save him for a rainy day when the fridge or the washing machine dies.”


Play For Purpose has helped to raise over $55,000 for Shake It Up. We also received a bonus $5,000 from Play For Purpose for being chosen as the first prize winner’s cause from last draw.  The new Play For Purpose raffle is open now. Support us today by purchasing a ticket.