Team Bailey Tackles Point to Pinnacle for Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease
Friday, 22nd September 2023

Our Shake It Up Heroes, Team Bailey, have been tackling the Point to Pinnacle in support of Shake It Up Australia and Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease research since 2017, as well as hosting fundraising events and creating beautiful candles to raise funds. We’re always inspired by our community and the different ways they come up with to raise awareness and funds for essential Parkinson’s research. We spoke to Olivia Bailey about what drives her commitment to Shake It Up.

Hi Liv! Tell us all about the upcoming Point to Pinnacle?

Our Team Bailey tackles the Point to Pinnacle every year. It is classified as the world’s toughest half marathon (21.1 km) with an elevation of 1270m above sea level. We currently have 12 participants on the team, entries are still open.

The event is held on the 19th of November. We all go out to dinner the night before and it is a really fun weekend. As well as hiking up the mountain we are also running an online Auction this year.

What first inspired you to fundraise for Parkinson’s research?

My husband Scott was diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson’s disease when he was only 39. Fundraising is something I can do. I am a fixer and a doer. I may not be able to find a cure but I can fundraise for research, which will hopefully help slow the progression of the disease and one day find a cure. We chose Shake it Up because 100% of the funds go to research.

How will you be training for the Point to Pinnacle?

A group of mums go for a hike around our local area and stunning Gorge every Tuesday morning. Scott will also be participating in the Point To Pinnacle and we try to go on a bush walk once a week. We try to find Hills and distance. Luckily we live in a hilly area!

What do you wish people understood more about Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease?

It’s not just about having the shakes or a tremor. There is so much more to it. There is the pain, stiffness, and sleep issues too. And being young while having a disease like this has its own challenges. We have a 13 year old and 16 year old so life is very busy running them around.

What words of advice do you have for others hoping to make a difference?

Just Do It. That is actually my motto this year. If you can, you must. If you have legs that can climb a mountain, do it. If you have a voice that can speak, do it. If you have hands that can bake, do it. Whatever it is that you can do, just do it. You don’t know when those gifts will be taken away from you, so while you can, you must.


You can support Olivia, Scott and their family in their Point to Pinnacle endeavour.  Or purchase a limited edition Team Bailey candle with all proceeds going to research.



Shake It Up supporter Olivia says it's up to all of us to get involved for #Parkinsons. If you have legs that can climb a mountain, do it. If you have a voice that can speak, do it. If you have hands that can bake, do it. Click To Tweet

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