VIDEO: The Long Road to Ending Parkinson’s Disease
Thursday, 12th May 2022

Twelve extraordinary individuals.
One riveting mission

Ray Dorsey and Bas Bloem profiled twelve extraordinary individuals with Parkinson’s and have the privilege of sharing with you their personal journeys to end this debilitating disease. The Long Road to Hope, debuted on World Parkinson’s Day (April 11th)

This documentary is based on the flagship book by Drs Ray Dorsey, Todd Sherer, Michael Okun, and Bas Bloem.

The book, Ending Parkinson’s Disease, chronicles the exponential rise of Parkinson’s – and what we can do about it. Offering insight and specific resources and recommendations for prevention, advocacy, care, and treatment, the book has been called a “must-read” (Lonnie Ali), a “resounding clarion alarm” (Davis Phinney), an “essential spotlight” (Helen Matthews), and a “provocative read” (Leslie Chambers).

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