Barbara’s Sweet Fundraising Sale for Parkinson’s Research
Thursday, 9th May 2024

In Parkinson’s Awareness Month this year, many of our supporters chose to find ways to make a difference for Parkinson’s through their business, hobbies, passions and skills. We spoke with Barbara, the owner of Cake Icon, who donated 50% of all sales of her amazing cake toppers and personalised products in April to research, raising over $1,000!

Tell us all about Cake Icon! What do you make, and how can people find your products?

Cake Icon is a small business that I started 3 years ago. Cake Icon is a laser design business, creating Personalised Cake Toppers, Business Signage, Personalised gifts, Event decor etc. We are based in Appin NSW. When my children were little I loved making elaborate cakes for the kids to enjoy. However as time went on my love for cake baking blossomed and my husband decided to invest into a laser machine so I could cut my very own cake toppers and start a business of my own. 3 years later the business is doing well. I love designing new toppers and items for cake bakers.


Why did you decide to donate 50% of proceeds in April to Parkinson’s research?

I decided to donate 50% of my Etsy store sales in Parkinson’s Awareness Month because I want to contribute in any way I could to make a difference. I knew that all the profit I made this month would go to a fabulous cause.

What inspires your commitment to fundraise for Parkinson’s?

Parkinson’s disease has affected my family personally, my grandmother was diagnosed when I was in my teens and suffered a very sad and long journey with the disease until she passed away in 2007. I devoted my life to working within this field. I started nursing in 2005 and for 15 years I worked at St Vincent’s Private Hospital as a Movement disorder nurse and am currently working part time as a Clinical Nurse Manager as a community based Parkinson’s Disease Support Nurse for Interpharma.

My goal is to support Parkinson’s Disease research and I am committed to bringing awareness and support to the disease within Australia.

What is your advice for someone else wanting to make a difference for Parkinson’s?

Never underestimate the difference you can make in the lives of others. Every little bit makes a huge difference.