Parkinson’s Wedge Video – “It’s More Than Just The Shakes”
Friday, 10th February 2017

About The Wedge video:”It’s More Than Just the Shakes”

Ogilvy Sydney threw the city off-balance in an effort to cure Parkinson’s disease. The agency produced wooden wedges (the kind you use to hold a door open) with a message on each side. One side of the wedge shows the title, “It’s more than just the shakes.” When flipped over, the copy on the wedge reads, “Thirty Australians are diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease every day. But thousands more are affected, from family to friends. You can help stop it at”.

Starting on World Parkinson’s Day, April 11, the wedges were placed under various tables in cafés and restaurants. Cameras recorded people’s reactions to their wobbly tables, spilled coffees, tipped sugar bowls and of course, their reactions to the wedge messages. The stunt itself is designed to spark a conversation about Parkinson’s Disease and address the misconceptions that PD isn’t just ‘an old people’s disease’, isn’t just about ‘having the shakes’, and affects everyone connected to the person with PD – from family and friends to coworkers. The recorded footage was made into a mini-documentary designed to amplify the message and ignite further discussion through media and editorial. The outcome will be to inspire Aussies to learn more about PD, volunteer, and donate…so that a cure can be found.

The Shake It Up Australia Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation, launched in 2011 to raise money for Parkinson’s disease research here in Australia. Founder Clyde Campbell was diagnosed at age 44 in 2009. Together with his wife Carolyn and brother Greg, they run the foundation with a board of directors. They personally fund the operation so that 100% of all donations go directly towards research.

In August 2011, SIUAF established a collaboration with The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research based in New York City and founded by the actor, author and advocate Michael J. Fox, who is widely known for his efforts towards a cure since his diagnosis of young-onset Parkinson’s over 20 years ago. This partnership allows SIUAF to leverage MJFF’s research model here in Australia and expedite a shared goal of finding better treatments and ultimately a cure.

Film Credits include:

Executive Creative Director: Brett Howlett
Planning Director: Gerry Cyron
Group Creative Director: Michael Raso
Copywriter: Mietta Macfarlane
Art Director: Luke Chard
Account Management: Alison Howlett
Executive Producer: Rob Spencer
Producer: Gabe Hammond
Director/DP: Peter Bloomfield
Editor: Fraser Kelton

‘More than just the shakes’ film shortlisted in Cannes Lion Awards. 

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