Hero Throwback – Our Heroes of Physical Challenges
Thursday, 21st May 2020

Last week we launched the Shake It Up Virtual Challenge – an opportunity to highlight the importance exercise plays in managing Parkinson’s and get our community moving!

In light of that, this week we are throwing back to some of our previous heroes who completed physical challenges to raise funds and awareness for Shake It Up. We’re calling out for more heroes keen on a physical challenge and want to encourage you to get involved – Simply create your own challenge, set a fundraising goal and share your challenge page with your friends and family. It’s that easy! Get involved with the Shake It Up Virtual Challenge and get physical for Parkinson’s!


Shane Hutton – the Endurance Challenger

When Shane chooses to run or ride his bike, he chooses long distances! In 2013, Shane ran 230km around Port Phillip Bay raising $10,000 for Shake It Up in the process. In 2014, Shane challenged himself again and ran from the northern most point of Tasmania to the Southern tip, a distance of over 600km! Then again in 2016, Shane got on the bike for the adventure of a lifetime, riding 23,000km from Canada to Patagonia.

If challenging yourself to long distances if your jam, you could join the Shake It Up Virtual Challenge with a goal such as walking 100km in a week, running 5 marathons in a month or riding the distance from Sydney to Melbourne. The possibilities are endless!



Will Boag – the Experience Seeker

At 72 years of age, Will has a desire to walk the world. He’s challenged himself to some of the most remarkable walks in the most beautiful areas of the world. He’s completed Caminos in Portugal, France, Switzerland, Italy and Spain as well as walks in many other countries.

While we can’t travel at the moment due to Coronavirus restrictions, we can still experience these areas virtually. If you are an experience seeker like Will, you can challenge yourself to walk the same distance as a famous walk of the world, such as Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Circuit, El Camino or the Inca Trail.



Grace Price – the Obstacle Jumper

Inspired by her Dad’s Parkinson’s diagnosis and as a seasoned obstacle racing competitor, Grace takes on some of Australia’s favourite obstacle challenges like Tough Mudder. Grace told us “For me, these obstacles are not only a physical challenge but a metaphor for overcoming obstacles in my life. In the coming years, my Dad and my family will face obstacles that continue to become more challenging. Competing in an obstacle course is nothing compared.”

Most obstacle races and challenges are on hold at the moment, but you can create your own similar physical challenge at home. How about 50 push ups per day for a week? Or 30 squats per day for 30 days?


These are only a few of the amazing physical challenge heroes we’ve had in the past to inspire you for the Shake It Up Virtual Challenge. Any physical activity is acceptable and it’s your choice for how challenging you’d like to make it. It’s easy for everyone to get involved, no matter your age, level of fitness or ability.