Symon Runs for a Cause in the Canberra Times Marathon
Thursday, 28th March 2024

In April, the Canberra Times Marathon Festival will welcome runners to lace up and run together across a scenic route. This year, one of the participants Symon will be running in support of Shake It Up Australia and Parkinson’s research, with the race taking place in Parkinson’s Awareness Month.

Symon has raised over $23,000 for essential Parkinson’s research and when he launched his fundraising event he raised $8,000 quite literally overnight!

We spoke to Symon all about the upcoming race and his inspiring journey with fundraising after a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease aged 48.

Hi Symon! Will this be the first half-marathon you’ve completed?

Yep! Well, we still need to finish, so the word completed is hopefully still to come!

How is your training for the race going?

Jayne (my wife), Jasper (my dog and poorly motivated training partner) and myself shuffle a few kilometres most mornings in preparation.  Jasper has the odd bad morning where he doesn’t want to go and hides in the bathroom of the house to avoid the exercise but besides this, we remain committed.  We are not the quickest, but finishing is the goal.


What drives your commitment to fundraise for Parkinson’s?

I was diagnosed nearly 3 years ago at the age of 48 and remained in the PD closet and kept the diagnosis quiet from most people up until recently.  I came to the conclusion that I needed to do more for the PD community and help raise funds for more research and awareness of the disease.  There are so many people who were diagnosed before me that have raised funds over the last few decades that I am now benefiting from, and I felt it was my time to contribute to those unfortunate enough to follow me.

Why did you choose to raise funds for Shake It Up Australia? 

Since my diagnosis I have been following Shake It Up Australia across all their platforms and have been amazed by the organisation and what it has achieved along with the information and support it offers for the PD community.  I have been motivated by the incredible fundraising events that others have achieved for Shake It Up Australia!

What is your advice for others hoping to make a difference for Parkinson’s?

We need to fund the people who are a lot smarter than you and me to help with more research into better management of PD along with how to prevent and ultimately find a cure for the disease.

You can support Symon’s fundraising and half-marathon journey here. 

Shake It Up supporter Symon says we need to fund our scientific community to help with more research into better management of PD along with how to prevent and ultimately find a cure for Parkinson's. Share on X

Make a difference this April for Parkinson’s Awareness Month by participating in fundraising and hosting a #Pancakes4Parkinsons event!