Our Shake It Up fundraising champions have all raised over $20,000 for Parkinson’s research, whether through a single event or fundraising over many years. We are always inspired by their dedication to making a difference.



Cobes for Parkinson's

Ben Coburn and his friends set themselves a huge challenge – a 1km Swim, 8km Run and 3.5km Board Paddle. The team had a big group of supporters and generous donors who helped them raise more than $27,000 for Parkinson’s research. Ben and his group also put in a lot of effort to raise awareness about Parkinson’s within their community. They spoke to doctors and people living with Parkinson’s about their experiences, and were interviewed on local podcasts and radio to spread the word about Parkinson’s and its significant impacts.

Read our Q&A with Ben.


Brian Long

Our Inspired Adventures Bay of Fires trek team completed their Tasmanian challenge in September 2022, with one supporter, Brian Long, raising over $28k for Parkinson’s research as a result! They all trekked for five days and traversed the coastline and enjoyed beach walks, rocky outcrops, bushwalks and warm spring weather for the duration of their trip.

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Ash Griggs

In the second half of 2022, Ash began planning a huge challenge – to cycle 350km in 4 days for Parkinson’s research. Ash not only completed this challenge but has raised $21,300 for Shake It Up to bring us closer to a cure for Parkinson’s.

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Will Boag

Will Boag and his wife Corrie are long-time supporters of Shake It Up. They’re masters of a huge project, Will to Walk, where they travel the world and take on famous walks in some of the most beautiful and inspiring areas of the world. They’ve trekked in Portugal, France, Holland, Switzerland, Italy and Spain to name a few!

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Monkey Mia Boys

Long-time Shake It Up supporters the Monkey Mia Boys have done desert trips, rides across the country and even online art auctions – all in the pursuit of a cure for Parkinson’s. In 2022, even when they were unable to complete their annual outback ride, they shared stories about their previous adventures, asking for support and donations and raising another $23,400 for Shake It Up, contributing to a huge grand total over the years of more than $205,000!

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Singer/Songwriter, Amanda Canzurlo, who has long performed under the pseudonym of Bloom, began singing the songs of Linda Ronstadt. When she learned of Linda’s Parkinson’s diagnosis, Bloom wanted to make a difference. She reached out to Shake It Up and became a Shake It Up Ambassador, raising funds for the Foundation at her live concerts. In April of 2023 Bloom and her fans hit a huge milestone, raising over $30,000 for Parkinson’s research!

Find out more about Bloom.

Gary McKitterick-Gillet

Year on year, Gary McKitterick-Gillet supports Shake It Up through his company Trek Ready Himalayas, which hosts virtual and physical treks of the Mt Everest Base camp. Gary not only raises funds for Parkinson’s research but spreads the word to build awareness and understanding of the disease across the Australian community.

Learn more about Gary and Trek Ready Himalayas.


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