Over 140 people at Tribute Boxing challenge themselves for Parkinson’s
Friday, 26th November 2021

Our heroes this week are the huge team of over 140 people from Tribute Boxing, led by Alex and Leo who recently worked together to walk, run, cycle and swim over 30,000km for Parkinson’s. The team were inspired to challenge themselves during lockdown to stay active and motivated while fundraising for a cause close to their heart. Together they raised $12,693 and even received sponsorship from Tribute Boxing, Smoults Larder and Andrew Huffer Associates who did dollar matching days. Be inspired by their story.


Tell us about your fundraising challenge?

Alex and Leo together with Tribute Boxing decided to run a fundraiser during the Melbourne lockdown to get people moving and create a positive community where everyone could come together and remain connected. We decided to do this through creating Strava Challenges, our goal as a group was to raise $5,000 for the Shake It Up Foundation through running, riding or swimming 20,000kms.

Mikaela Welti jumped on board to support the fundraiser with an incredible effort of running a half marathon a day for sixty days and having daily sponsors who contributed to the fundraiser. We also chose a day where every kilometre completed by the team resulted in $1 being donated by Tribute Boxing, Smoults Larder and Andrew Huffer Associates, which contributed $5,151!


How did the crew find the challenge?

It was fantastic! We grew so quickly and ended up having over 140 people involved. There was so much positivity and encouragement within the groups as well as plenty of ‘kudos’ being thrown around on Strava!

We managed to complete 30,061.6km as a team and more than doubled our goal by raising $12,693 for the Shake It Up Foundation.



Seeing everyone challenge themselves during times of lockdown was definitely a highlight, whether it was through people completing their longest distance, improving on time or sixty half marathons, it was a really inspiring place.


What drives your commitment to a cure for Parkinson’s?

The Shake It Up Foundation holds a special place in my heart after my Dad was diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease. While many may think Parkinson’s is an older person’s disease my Dad, Andrew, was in his 40s when diagnosed. His continued motivation to keep healthy has meant since being diagnosed he has run a marathon, hiked 100kms for Oxfam and completed the Camino de Santiago (an 825km hike)! His motivation and commitment is inspirational and a key driver to make me also want to do what I can. During the fundraiser, Dad underwent DBS, Deep Brain Stimulation, with the aim to ease Parkinson’s symptoms. The procedure went really well and after a period of recovery he is back at work and looking forward to his next challenge… a triathlon in February!


What advice do you have to others looking to make a difference?

I think when fundraising it is really important for everyone to have an opportunity to get involved, whether it’s through completing a challenge or joining a team. This was also a fairly long fundraiser going for around eight weeks, so adding in our 1km=$1 days and social media content really helped keep people motivated and aware of the fundraiser.