Sarah shares what a cure for Parkinson’s would mean
Monday, 29th March 2021

Thanks to the support of Veritas Events, we are so pleased to present to you a new series of videos about Parkinson’s stories. The first two in this series were from our incredible ambassador, Phoebes Garland and Robert Garland.

Last week we saw Jim Josephsen’s story. Jim was part of our 2019 Larapinta Trek in the Northern Territory where he and his family (wife Jo, daughter Sarah and son Robbie) raised over $7k for Parkinson’s research. After the trek, Jim and Jo also hosted an exhibition at Punch Street Studio, raising a further $6,580 to speed up a cure for Parkinson’s.

This week, we hear from Jim’s daughter, Sarah, about watching her father accept his diagnosis and what a cure would mean to the family. Sarah was the instigator for Jim and the family joining the Larapinta trip and her bright, positive attitude helped all of the participants through the tough days of trekking. A big thank you to Sarah for sharing.